PHS at Work develops with clients powerful ideas and innovative solutions that improve worker’s lives and organizational culture, by addressing the most difficult psychological hazard, workplace issues, and interpersonal problems.

PHS at Work provides specialized workplace mental health services, psychological hazards assessments, systemic assessments, and interpersonal/intercultural conflict management services that easily adapt to diverse organizational cultures and needs.


Overview of Services 

Psychological health and safety is about protecting the psychological health of employees and addressing psychological hazards in the workplace. Our psychological health services focus on promoting psychological well-being for the employee, manager and the organization, and preventing harm due to negligent, reckless or intentional acts.

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How We Can Help

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Our approach lies largely in our capacity to bring all stakeholders together to learn, listen and gain a better understanding of the important and complex issue of improving psychological health and safety in their workplace. We roll up our sleeves and work to help you recognize what is working well, connect the dots of your success and effectively address opporunities for change.

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Free Training

PHS at Work is committed to creating the connections that support the creation of psychologically healthy and safe workplaces.  Once a year we will offer a free “Creating a Respectful Workplace” training day for Charitable organizations.

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