Cathy Murphy RN MEd COHN(C) C.MED

Cathy Murphy has achieved a reputation as a social innovator, developing with groups powerful idea’s and innovative practices that improve worker’s lives and the organizational culture, by addressing the most difficult workplace issues and psycho-social hazards. 

She is a Registered Mental Health and Occupational Health Nurse, specializing in workplace Psychological Health and Safety.  Cathy has her MEd in Health Studies and is a Registered Chartered Mediator with ADR Canada. Cathy’s 30+ years of professional practice has focused on empowering, with knowledge and skills, individual, senior executive, union, and organizational capacity to promote and maintain workplace mental health. She was featured in provincial and national nursing magazines as the “Nurse to Know” for her work in mental health, community development, conflict management, and capacity building; receiving several Awards of Excellence for her practice. She has been consulted and has presented as an expert in Psychological Workplace Wellness.

Cathy was a collaborative leader in establishing the Public Service Commission (PSC)-NL, Respectful Workplace Program. Providing mental health and conflict management services, training and capacity building initiatives to over 12, 00 public service leaders, managers, and union employees. This includes her work leading an Intercultural Conflict Management program within an International Education Campus of Qatar, Middle East - establishing, and servicing the first collage-based Respectful Workplace Program for employees. Proficient in Interpersonal Conflict Management, Cathy’s experiences in mediation involves addressing interpersonal and intercultural conflicts, group conflicts, harassment, and violence.

She is a retired public servant and Founder of PHS at Work - Psychological Health and Safety  at Work, operating out of Ottawa.

Collaborative Senior Associate

Diane Houle-Rutherford: For the past 30 years, Diane has been successful in consulting to senior level executives and managers in both the public, the private and the Not-for-profit sectors, in Canada, in the United States, and in Europe on issues related to Leadership Development and Action Learning, Creativity and Creative Problem Solving, Mental Health and Healthy Workplace Assessments, Individual and team coaching, Change and Transition Management. Her goal is to assist leaders in gaining a better understanding of their organization, and increase their effectiveness as healthy leaders – collaborators and followers. (more… 


  • PHS at Work develops with clients powerful ideas and innovative solutions that improve worker’s lives and organizational culture, by addressing the most difficult psychological hazards, workplace issues and interpersonal problems.


  • PHS at Work vision is the creation of Canadian workplaces that are committed to preventing, and equipped to address, psychological hazards that impact employee mental health.

Core Values

At PHS at Work:

  • we believe all individuals have a right to be treated with Integrity, respect, and honesty. This belief guides all phases of the client and consultant relationship from the exploratory meeting to final delivery

  • we believe in the individual and group capacity, right, and responsibility to address workplace issues impacting their life, workplace, and organization

  • we believe that individuals have the right to information, skills and tools that empower their capacity to create a mentally healthy workplace

  • we believe in excellence as the hallmark to all of our business associations with our clients