We are a group of senior professionals with an extensive track record in a variety of organisations. Our consultants come from three worlds: management, union, and 3rd parties, including both public and private sector organisations.  We know how to make collaboration work because we live it every day.

We have several years’ experience developing and supporting initiatives to create respectful, harassment and discrimination-free, and psychologically healthy and safe work environments.

We have done so by:

  • collaboratively developing and implementing workplace mental health policies, frameworks, strategies and programs, 
  • collaboratively guiding OHS teams in the process of workplace hazard assessments,
  • coaching leaders and teams, 
  • mediating interpersonal and intergroup conflict, 
  • delivering customized workshops on mental health for senior leaders, managers, supervisors, union leaders and staff.

Most important, we facilitate gatherings that bring all stakeholders together, creating environments allowing for difficult conversation, better understanding of common issues and values,  and the creation of goals, objectives and actions toward the implementation of Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

We have worked in, understand and appreciate the world of Business and the Federal Public Service - the perspectives of ‘senior leadership’, ‘middle management’, ‘front line supervisors’, ‘unions’ and ‘employees’, the dynamics between regional offices and Ottawa, the interplay among central agencies and departments, and the characteristics and challenges of policy, regulatory and operational environments.