Planning and Implementation through a Facilitation Process: 

Senior Leadership facilitated sessions that build a strong Mental Health Foundation toward;

  • strengthening the leadership framework for moving forward

  • engaging key stakeholders in the planning and implementation process

  • strengthening stakeholder relationship

Managers and Union Leader facilitated sessions that build on their leadership capacity toward:

  • strengthening stakeholder relationship and collaboration

  • enhancing the effectiveness and collaboration of internal resources, such as OHS Committee, ICMS and HR to move the workplace mental health task force agenda forward

  • guiding group such as the OHS Committee’s to develop strategies in psychological workplace risk assessment / audits

  • engaging employee groups in developing departmental and team action plans

Employees facilitated sessions that support employees capacity toward:

  • engagement and understanding of their role in creating Mentally Healthy Workplace

  • developing workplace and team action plans


Customized Workshops that build on the outcomes of the Planning Process


Coaching provides a framework, guiding the client to identify and take action steps to reach their goal; building on the clients skills, in real-time, to constructively respond to situations impacting psychological health and safety in the workplace. 

Coaching can include the following:

  • coaching on how to integrate workplace mental health into core organizational processes: business planning, risk management, performance management and talent management

  • coaching to operationalize outcomes of planning and implementation

  • coaching to lead labour - management engagement

  • coaching managers to deliver both preventative and reparative interventions, with teams and individuals

  • coaching supervisors and staff to do psychological risk assessment / audits

Conflict Management Services


Clients can access confidential support and guidance on how to constructively respond to situations of conflict and explore available avenues of recourse. Assistance through the Consultant may be in the form of; personal support, problem-solving, help with communication skills, and a discussion related to conflict resolution options.


Clients can access confidential coaching with an experienced coach. Coaching may involve one or more sessions. The client is encouraged to build on their skills to constructively respond to situations of conflict and explore available avenues of resolution.


The mediation process is conducted by a certified and impartial mediator who assists two or more parties to reach a resolution to their differences in a respectful manner. This requires initial separate meetings between the mediator and each of the parties involved. If appropriate, a mediation will be scheduled. 


The process is conducted by a trained and impartial mediator who assists two or more parties to reach a resolution of their differences in a respectful manner. This requires an initial meeting with the team leader and the employee group to establish expected outcomes. If appropriate, a facilitated discussion will be scheduled


The Consultant will collaboratively work with groups to develop a Conflict Management Process. The goal is to enhance the capacity of the group to create a more respectful work environment. This can include committee development, training, provision of capacity building tools, skills and knowledge to help clients create a healthy, safe and respectful workplace cultures.


Clients whose needs are guided by natural justice to help address a workplace conflict, and perceived workplace violence may choose to avail of systemic investigation services. This process is guided by collective agreements and legislation. As a competent Investigator under Canadian Occupational Health and Safety - Regulation XX, I will provide a systemic, root cause analysis of issue impacting a work environment.


As a yoga instructor I combine several techniques to aid in stress reduction. Services can include breathing exercises, hatha and restorative yoga, meditation practice, and guided imagery. This service can be provided one on one and in a group setting.