• We are capacity builders, helping our clients understand the strengths, challenges, gaps and opportunities for improvement. We roll up our sleeves and work to help you recognize what is working well and connect the dots of your successes. 
  • Our approach lies largely in our capacity to bring all stakeholders together to learn, listen and gain a better understanding of the important and complex issue of improving psychological health and safety in their workplace. 
  • We engage leaders at all level of your organization, building on their understanding that creating a healthier workplace is every employees right and responsibility; helping them create activities that target changing the workplace culture, as well as related health and safety practices. 
  • We collaboratively work toward attainable goals, objectives and action plans and facilitate meaningful participation of all employees, supporting forward movement, ongoing dialogue, evaluation and next steps
  • We inform your decision-making and strategic/action planning through our cross-sector: knowledge, skills, experience, and by leveraging the networks of influence within every domain of organization from employee, union stewards, supervisors, managers and senior leadership. 
  • We provide a service that is flexible, creative, custom built and evidenced-based toward creating a workplace culture that provide optimal capacity for employees to succeed.
  • We use a variety of proven methods that deliver on-time and on-budget projects.


Organizations that have developed a foundation for the governance of psychological health and safety - Leadership

Organizational stakeholders collaboratively developing an engagement strategy, focused on openness and inclusion of employees supporting psychological health and safety in the workplace during all stages of planning, implementation, review and remediation - Engagement

Empowered Leadership, both formal and Informal, with the knowledge, tools, and skills to build a solid foundation that supports a mentally healthy workplace - Education, Training, OHS and Workplace Practices

Joint Management/Union mental health policy statement disseminated through a communication plan that is responsive to all level of the organization, respectful of organizational diversity, and allows for sustainability and continuous improvement; fostered in a Four Steps Communication Approach: Plan, Do, Check and Act - Communication

An organizational Mental Health Benchmark and Action Planning process, established in collaboration with OHS, HR, Employment Equity and ICMS - Measurement and Accountability